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The Wedding Dress Diary!

Selina Cole

With just 5 months to go, the realisation of my impending wedding and “the dress” has hit! My health and fitness is not where I had hoped it to be by now and so it is time to regain control!! Although this blog is written specifically about my wedding, the points in my opinion...

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What motivates you?

Natalie Eymor

Question? What motivates you? More importantly, how do you keep your motivation levels high? Do you sometimes struggle to stay motivated?  You are not the only one… we all have days where we think… “I really can’t be bothered today…”.&nb...

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What age is best to start training?

Emanuele Di Giovanni

Inspired by my personal experience, I am going to speak about what I think is the best age to start exercise and this message is mainly directed to parents. In my opinion the answer is quite simple: As soon as possible. Most people give for granted that if exercise is sta...

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