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Living Life on the Veg!

Sarah Higgs

  You may have heard of "Veganuary" and wondered what all the fuss is about, well it's basically just to get people to try a plant based, animal product free diet for 31 days and see how they feel for doing so. You can sign up on their website at htt...

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How to get through Brain Surgery

Emanuele Di Giovanni

For my blog I want to share my experience about brain surgery, hoping nobody will ever need to know what to expect in a personal circumstance, but here is my journey The Beginning I had what is called “Acoustic Neuroma” which is a tumour attached on th...

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Train and feed yourself to health!

Natalie Eymor

What is MS? What is an autoimmune disease? Are you a sufferer? Do you suffer with another disease? Are you recovering from illness? Do you know someone who has an illness? Do you sometimes feel low?

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