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12 August, 2018
Personal Trainer Letchworth

40 and fit

Scott Balaam

I can still party right??? As much as we all think we can still go out drinking followed by the compulsory fast food takeaway and then get up at 6am to start work the next day, it isn’t happening for us now. For me, hitting 40 was a wake up call. I could no ...

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  • Weight Loss, Fitness

1 August, 2018

The Three Big Lifts

Jordan Clarke

If I were to give you three exercises to perform in a gym they would, without doubt be squat, bench and deadlift. Whilst I believe you need to be doing more t...

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Exercise & Workouts
  • Muscle, Workouts, Goals, performance, Gym, Body building

23 April, 2018

What motivates you?

Nick Ansell

This is an age-old question that has no definitive answer as it changes from person to person. Finding the correct answer for you will be the key to success not only in the gym but if you can replicate it into everyday life too. Here are a couple of simple questions you can ask yo...

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  • motivation, workout, gym, personal training

23 March, 2018

Are you balanced?

Natalie Eymor

Hormones are important… VERY important… Known as chemical messengers, hormones are produced and secreted from...

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Nutrition & Supplements
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