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4 January, 2018
Make 2018 the year

2018 - Making It Happen

Alan Cook

And we’re off! 2018 is here and it’s time to start making things happen. I see lots of negative posts on Facebook about the January Gym Users and New Year Resolutions in general but I think January is an absolutely great time of year! In fact, it really is...

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27 March, 2017
Squash Fitness

Squash Fitness

Alan Cook

I’m excited to be bringing back Squash Fitness and Conditioning sessions! Run in the form of our standard Group Personal Training, the Squash Conditioning sessions will run every...

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Exercise & Workouts
  • Squash, Performance

27 January, 2017
Get Drunk Not Fat

Get Drunk, Not Fat

Alan Cook

Inspired by an article I read a couple of months ago written by a nutritionist, I thought I’d have a go at addressing the modern day dilemma of enjoying life, whilst maintaining a good body shape. For anyone looking to get in better shape with improved body composition, my advice is...

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Nutrition & Supplements
  • Alcohol, Nutrition, Motivation, Lifestyle, Calories

25 November, 2016
Personal Training Options

Monthly or Block Payments for PT?

Alan Cook

As well as keeping our Personal Training sessions varied, motivating and result focused, we have also created two different payment options to suit our clients’ lifestyles and preferences. Our Personal Training sessions fall into two categories – Block Bookings and Monthly Pac...

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AMC Protocols
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