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31 December, 2018

21 Day Revolution - Week by Week

Selina Cole

After witnessing the success of the 21-Day Revolution group in November, I decided I would attempt mine on my own during December. Recent weeks of eating a fair amount of sugary foods was starting to take its toll physically and mentally so I knew I needed to kick the habit and start my r...

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  • New Year, New You, Health, Motivation

6 October, 2017

The Wedding Dress Diary!

Selina Cole

With just 5 months to go, the realisation of my impending wedding and “the dress” has hit! My health and fitness is not where I had hoped it to be by now and so it is time to regain control!! Although this blog is written specifically about my wedding, the points in my opinion...

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  • Wedding, Motivation, Health and Wellbeing

26 May, 2017
Why have Personal Training?

Why choose Personal Training?

Selina Cole

Do you answer yes to any of the following: 1) Do you need help staying fitness motivated? 2) Are you bored with your training programme? 3) Are you not seeing the transformations you were hoping for? 4) Do you not know where to start? 5) Are you&n...

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10 April, 2017
Meals on the go

Meals on the Go - What to eat?

Selina Cole

As I stood in the supermarket this evening (and every week), I was faced with the same dilemma... What shall I buy for my lunch?! To make my decisions more complicated, I am Gluten intolerant so I often feel my options are even more limited! This got me thinking about writing a blog on th...

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