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Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training allows our clients to keep the Personal Training benefits of motivation, knowledge and structured workouts whilst sharing the cost with others who have similar goals.

Not only is Group Personal Training a more cost effective way of getting into shape, it also encourages greater social interaction, teamwork and the natural camaraderie of doing things together.

All of our Group Personal Training sessions are run at our facility - Letchworth Fitness and have the same pricing structure, either £15 per session or £60 per month for one session per week.

Below are the details of our current Group Personal Training Sessions:

Group Personal Training

Fit Bast*rds

Fit Bast*rds is designed for men over 40 who want to get stronger, fitter & leaner.

Exclusively for men, the session combines resistance exercises and short bursts of cardio to produce both strength and cardiovascular benefits.

Get fit, become strong and feel good about yourself again!

Tuesday 17:30
  • Alan Cook

Women only session

Fit Bodies

Fit Bodies is a Group PT session exclusively for ladies who want to shape up and feel better about themselves. 


Utilising a range of different functional equipment, these sessions will whip you into shape and having you feeling great in no time.

Wednesday 10:30
  • Scott Balaam

Bulletproof Peformance - Group Personal Training

Bulletproof Peformance

Ever wondered how to make your sporting performance better, stronger, faster and injury proof?  These group sessions are for anyone involved in any competitive sport from running, triathlon, cycling, football, hockey, rugby etc.  It will focus on exercises to strengthen key muscle groups to enhance performance and help prevent injury.  Using various methods from resistance, body weight and functional training methods.

Thursday 20:00
  • Emma Webster-Newman

Squash Conditioning Training

Squash Conditioning

Squash conditioning sessions focus on sport specific fitness including movement, speed, agility, core strength and aerobic capacity specifically for squash.

As well as the essential components of speed, strength and power, there are drills designed to improve co-ordination, balance, flexibility and reaction times. 

Court fees are included in the standard price for Group Personal Training sessions, either £15 per session or £60 per calendar month.

Sunday 09:00
  • Alan Cook

Female Body Sculpting

Attention Ladies of LF

Are you wanting to look great and feel event better?

Look no further; PT Nick has the perfect female only body sculpting group.

Share the cost of PT with others and still get results.

Friday 17:30
  • Nick Ansell

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